Tin tưởng/Our Belief

Tin tưởng/Our Belief

Komatsu Group Social Media Policy

The Komatsu Group uses social media for carrying out its marketing activities and public relations activities. When using social media, the Komatsu Group complies with this Social Media Policy.

1. Compliance with Internal and External Laws, Regulations and Rules

When using social media for business, each company in the Komatsu Group shall clearly prescribe the purpose of use and comply with laws, regulations and Komatsu’s Worldwide Code of Business Conduct.

Komatsu’s Worldwide Code of Business Conduct:

2. Promoting Communications

Always remember our stance of listening carefully and pay close attention to the opinions of our stakeholders. We shall set up a social media operational structure for responding more quickly and ensuring responsible statements as a company.

3.Preparedness for the Use of Social Media

Information shall be disseminated with a sufficient awareness that in social media there are numerous unspecified viewers with various backgrounds and circumstances; that information can never be fully deleted once it is transmitted; and that disseminated information can have a large impact on people worldwide depending on the content.

To Social Media Users

Information disseminated via social media by employees of the Komatsu Group and each Komatsu Group company does not always represent the official announcements and opinions of Komatsu Ltd. At the Komatsu Group, each Group company continually disseminates various types of corporate information on their own websites. Therefore, we ask you to confirm official information on respective websites.

Use of Social Media

The Komatsu Group prescribes operational guidelines separately from this policy to departments utilizing social media for business purposes.


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